Segmented box elder hidden turtle wall mount

Segmented box elder hidden turtle wall mount


This is a unique, handcrafted art piece with high quality materials and great attention to detail.


Made from a gorgeous locally-sourced live edge box elder wood slab and turqouise-tinted epoxy, this segmented art piece offers a luxurious and calming vibe, similar to an ocean view.  It was inspired mainly by shallow tropical water environments.  Small sea turtles are hidden within the pieces to offer a mysterious, fun and interactive element.  The segmented style of the set, as well as the mounting setup, offers endless options for mounting.  They can be placed as close or far apart as desired.  The mounting setups are already installed.  Simply place one or two screws in the wall (into a stud as these pieces are fairly heavy) for each piece to be hung from.


DIMENSIONS (Each Piece):
Height - 13 inches
Length - 27 inches 
Width - 1.5 inches


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