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Segmented Burled Box Elder river coffee table

Segmented Burled Box Elder river coffee table


This is a unique one-of-a-kind carefully handcrafted table made with high quality materials and great attention to detail.


This table is made from some rare and amazingly beautiful Burled Box Edler wood slabs.  A lot of thought and time was put into just the design of this table.  The segmented pieces are placed in a way that creates a stunning winding river between them, even offering a small little island along the way.  The river section was then filled with a semi-transparent blue ecofriendly epoxy. It has several coats of high-end natural hard-wax oils which adds great protection from scratches and spills, brings out the beauty in the wood, and is easy to maintain and repair if ever necessary.  A custom-made metal base complete with a satin gold finish provides protection and a clean look.